Ben Davies

Front-End Developer


A developer who is experienced with all stages of the development cycle. Well versed in core front-end languages, multiple content management systems and some experience with backend languages. Eager to learn more complex front-end frameworks, such as React and Angular.

Core Skills

  • 8 Years HTML
  • 8 Years CSS
  • 7 Years Javascript
  • 7 Years jQuery
  • 6 Years Bootstrap
  • 6 Years Sitecore
  • 6 Years SCSS
  • 1 Year Vue
  • 1 Year React
  • 4 Years Foundation
  • 4 Years Be-spoke CMS
  • 6 Years Source Control
  • 3 Years C#
  • 3 Years SQL
  • 3 Years Wordpress
  • 3 Years Umbraco
  • 3 Years NPM-Gulp
  • 2 Years Magento

Front-End Web Developer

November 2015 to present

At Sagittarius I have really grown into my role as a front-end developer; learning SASS and new CSS functions, as well as being introduced to Git using SourceTree, BitBucket and JIRA, which I use on a daily basis. Additionally on a day to day basis my current role involves me using powerful CMS's such as Sitecore and Umbraco, my knowledge and understanding of these CMS's have grown exponentially during my time at Sagittarius. Especially Sitecore as Sagittarius have multiple projects on this platform, and because of this I have been tasked with the creation and maintaining of projects in Sitecore.

As I have progressed at Sagittarius, I have taken on much more responsibility including managing a small development team based in Ukraine, London & Sri Lanka. My role also entails me to be proactive, which has resulted in myself being more involved in the build process from an earlier stage, in order to provide feedback from a technical perspective and raise any potential issues before they arise.

Full Stack Web Developer

January 2014 – November 2015

After 1 year I progressed from being a Junior at Mission. This pushed me to have more responsibility, taking on tougher tasks and also being more involved with clients. My knowledge of both front and back end technologies grew. I started using Bootstrap and jQuery more frequently at this point and this is where my passion for client side technology came from. I was exploring client side options in near enough all my tasks, trying to improve the quality of my code.

Junior Full Stack Web Developer

January 2013 to January 2014

When I first started at Mission Communications, my day to day role was more learning the basics of C# and SQL development. I gained an initial understanding of how projects were built and I learnt a great deal of knowledge from my team members. I then took on learning more about HTML and CSS. This led to me getting small tasks to start me off and a few bigger projects along the way which I built from the back-end all the way client side.


Ashford K College:

BTEC Diploma Level 3 in IT:

This college course lasted 2 years and covered 18 units including: Web Development, Object Oriented Programming, Animation, e-Commerce and Excel Spreadsheets. I finished the course with a top grade of Distinction*.

Homewood School:


English Literature
English Language
Business Studies


In my spare time, I like to keep up to date with my Javascript and jQuery knowledge. I also like exploring new front-end tech, which has led me to start beginner courses on Angular, React & Vue. I also keep active by going to the gym, I enjoy keeping active, setting myself physical challenges such as participating in the annual Leeds Castle Sprint Triathlon, London to Brighton annual bike ride and Ultra White Collar Boxing. In my down time, I am a gamer.