Hi, My name is

Ben Davies.

A front end web developer.


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About Me.

I have a passion for creating innovative pieces of tech for the web. This passion began when I enrolled on a college course covering 18 different units of IT. Web development was one of them! That was back in 2010 and ever since starting my career in 2013, I'm still excited by each day when I can get stuck in on the latest technologies on the front end.

he technologies I have been using recently that I want to continue working with are:

  • Javascript ES6
  • React/ Next.js
  • Redux
  • Typescript
  • Storybook

As a hobby and to diversify my tech, I'm also learning how to create web games, ustilising a HTML canvas and websocket technology.



Resources Filter

A little hub put together with a collection of some of the tools I use daily to make my developmenent cycle more efficent.

Key Features:

  • Searchable through text input
  • Filterable with checkboxes

More to come..

More projects to come! I'm currently working on a few sites, which include a remake of a bands website, this is so I can work on Next.js 13 to learn the new routing methods.

Upcoming projects

  • Band website remake
  • Stream calendar clasher and planner
  • Football team data viewer

Front end Ben

This site you're on! I wanted a single page which was easily navigable for a user to freely jump around all the categories.

Key Features

  • Utilisng the useState hook to show and hide sections on demand


My Career.


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While I'm not currently looking for a new role, my inbox is open for everyone for any reason, I will try my best to get back to you as soon as possible.

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